Eurobac SRL is a river transport company on the Danube that operates the ferry between Turnu Magurele and Nikopole.
It was established in 2005 with the aim of improving transport between Romania and Bulgaria.

The company owns a ferry boat with a maximum capacity of 6 trucks or 32 cars that crosses the Danube in approximately 8 minutes.
The ferry line that connects Romania to Bulgaria shortens the road between Sibiu and Sofia by approximately 300 km and ensures runs between 8:30 and 19:00 all days of the year.

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Cruises Danube

Starting from 2020, was launched the boat for trips on the Danube! The Town Hall of Turnu Măgurele, through SC Eurobac SRL, will organize daily leisure walks on the river, relaxing trips, from the port of Turnu Măgurele, via Vărsarea Oltului in the Danube and Calnovăț island - return, for two hours, with a fixed rate, minimum ten people at the price of 45 lei/person over 14 and 25 lei/person under 14, with the possibility of being rented on request at a rate of 250 lei/hour of operation and 100 lei/hour of parking.Information by phone 0744761667.

Customer benefits

  • Short crossing time: 7-8 min. for each trip
  • Reducing fuel consumption by shortening the Sibiu-Sofia road by at least 300 km
  • Substantial discounts for regular pass contracts
  • Payment facilities in several currencies and through different payment methods: cash, card, OP, CEC
  • Elimination of waiting time at the border (a shot is passed immediately)
  • Boat features

    Maximum length - 60.1m

    Maximum width - 14.15m

    Maximum displacement - 488 tons

    Loading capacity - 234 tons

    Maximum capacity - 6 trucks or 32 cars

    Number of people - 260

    Nominal power - 956 kw

    Schedule and prices

    Ferry traffic schedule and transshipment and operating rates
    valid until the end of 2022, are presented below.

  • When leaving Romania, the transshipment + operation fees are paid, and when entering Romania, the operation fees (terminal) are paid.
  • The displayed runs are mandatory and additional runs are made if there are more applicants for the crossing of all customers arriving up to the mandatory schedule.
  • The indicated departure times are approximate and depend on the weather conditions, the loading of the border control points, etc.
  • Considering the time required for border control, it is desirable for passengers to be at the terminal at least one hour before the announced departure time. On the basis of contracts concluded for regular flights, significant discounts are granted both by the raman carrier and by the the Bulgarian one.
    • Traffic schedule of the "EUROPA" Ferry for the PERIOD:

      12.02.2023 25.02.2023
      12.03.2023 25.03.2023
      09.04.2023 22.04.2023
      07.05.2023 20.05.2023
      04.06.2023 17.06.2023
      02.07.2023 15.07.2023
      30.07.2023 12.08.2023
      27.08.2023 09.09.2023
    • Crossing time is maximum 10 minutes.

      Turnu Magurele - Leaving Nikopol - Leaving
      Ora 08:30 Ora 09:00
      Ora 12:00 Ora 12:30
      Ora 16:00 Ora 16:30
      Ora 19:00 Ora 19:30
    • Traffic schedule of the "BDIN" Ferry for the PERIOD:

      29.01.2023 11.02.2023
      26.02.2023 11.03.2023
      26.03.2023 08.04.2023
      23.04.2023 06.05.2023
      21.05.2023 03.06.2023
      16.06.2023 01.07.2023
    • Crossing time is maximum 10 minutes.

      Nikopol - Leaving Turnu Magurele - Leaving
      Ora 08:30 Ora 09:00
      Ora 12:00 Ora 12:30
      Ora 16:00 Ora 16:30
      Ora 19:00 Ora 19:30
    • Transshipment prices + operation EXIT ROMANIA

      Truck / Truck with trailer Price
      Truck / Truck with trailer 47E+13E
      Lorry 35E+7E
      Bus 35E+8E
      Exceeded load 90E+25E
      Minibus 30E+3E
      Minibus with trailer 35E+7E
      Car 10E+1E
      Car with trailer 15E+2E
      Motorbike 1E+1E
      Passenger 1E+0,5E
    • Operating prices (terminal) - ENTRY INTO ROMANIA

      Truck / Truck with trailer Price
      Truck / Truck with trailer 13E
      Lorry 7E
      Bus 8E
      Exceeded load 25E
      Minibus 3E
      Minibus with trailer 7E
      Car 1E
      Car with trailer 2E
      Motorbike 1E
      Passenger 0,5E



    • GPS : 43.713146, 24.888663
    • Headquarters - Strada Republicii, nr. 2
    • Working place - Strada Portului, nr. 2A
    • Turnu Magurele, Teleorman, Romania
    • Comercial Register - J34/390/2005
    • CIF - RO17670528
    • Bank - BRD Turnu Magurele
    • Account - RO60BRDE350SV19454013500 (RON)
    • Mobile : +(4)0766 638 391
    • Email:

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